The Australian Government’s Significant Investor Visa (SIV) program offers an opportunity for high net worth clients who wish to migrate to Australia

The Significant Visa Program (SIV) was introduced by the Australian Federal Government in 2012 and creates a pathway for high net worth (HNW) clients to apply for permanent residency in Australia by investing AUD $5 million into SIV approved investments for a minimum of four (4) years before being eligible to apply for a permanent visa. This visa provides work, travel and study rights to the main applicant as well as their immediate family and dependent relatives.



FinPeak Solution


By working collaboratively with your immigration lawyer/agent and investment managers, we offer an end to end solution throughout the entire process. We give you access to a range of professionally managed solutions that comply with the SIV investment framework. Our custom investment approach means that portfolios are tailored to suit each client’s investment objectives.


Investment Process

  1. Receive instructions from you in relation to goals and objectives, risk profile and perform a macroeconomic review
  2. Set an asset allocation that meets the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s and Austrade’s investment requirements
  3. Research and shortlist qualifying investments
  4. Construct a portfolio and implement investment selection
  5. Ongoing review and portfolio monitoring


Before investing, we recommend that you speak to an adviser and obtain independent legal advice with respect to participating in the SIV program.


Here are just some of the investment managers we work with:




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