Let’s walk through the process



your goals

We first need to understand your goals. You might have an age in mind that you would like to stop working or perhaps shift gears and spend more time with your family/grandchildren. Your goal might be to pay off the home sooner or look for a better way to fund your children’s education. Understanding these goals builds the foundation for your overall advice.

We will spend much of the time in our initial meeting to understand these goals and put them into financial context.

Next, we take everything you have told us so far and we build a basic financial model. This model shows your financial position in life and paints a picture of what your financial journey may look like. Similar to a health check by your GP that tells you how you’re tracking. You’ll be able to see each year what comes in and what goes out and helps you identify any challenges that may be on the horizon.


Building a

starting point



your choices

We will look at different strategies and compare those outcomes to your original position. For example, what if you paid your home loan off first or put more money into superannuation? What if you took less risk with your retirement savings, can you afford your current lifestyle?

Our financial modelling will show you the impact of each decision based on projected numbers. Exploring your choices enables you to better understand the financial impact of each decision.

Recommending strategies is pointless if they don’t achieve your goals, we crosscheck that the direction you choose meets your desired goals. Sometimes it is about prioritising your goals, making adjustments now could have a significant impact in the future.


Putting together

the strategy


Choosing the


Once we agree on the right strategy then we start to build a portfolio of investments that will deliver the financial outcomes required in order to meet those goals. We look at the underlying investments and overlay the current economic environment.

We work with many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investment managers in order to put together a portfolio that with help you reach your goals through a rigorous, research-driven investment process.

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for them. Having a risk management plan ensures that the journey you set out on still takes place despite what happens around you.

Our risk management process not only looks at ways to protect your portfolio from global risks but we also take a deeper more personal view. We will consider impacts to your financial situation if things happen to your or your business and recommend the appropriate insurances to protect you and your family.

We do this by performing a needs analysis to identify what funds are required in different circumstances.



the risks



on track

From time to time you may need to make changes to your plan because your priorities could have changed or factors beyond your control have taken you off course, think GFC.

We will sit down each year and track how you are positioned in relation to your goals. By regularly reviewing your position and making slight adjustments, we will help bring you back on track.

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